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23.06.2022 - For fans

Pogi Team story

Tadej and Pogi Team

My memories of growing up and training in the Rog Cycling Association are very fond. There I made my first cycling kilometres, and group rides. I loved training, we loved going to races, and even more, I made a lot of friends in Rog, some of them I am still friends with today. The Rog club provided me with the best conditions for quality training, I received professional knowledge from the coaches and I improved my skills and knowledge several times a year in joint training sessions. I also got a bike and equipment free of charge, otherwise, it would have been difficult for me to decide on cycling.

My team, my dreams

Starting a children’s and youth team has been a dream of mine for some time. Together with Miha Koncilija and Andrej Hauptman, we set out a path we believe in at the beginning of 2021. The beautiful story of the Pogi Team has been born, with over one hundred and fifty children who want to achieve their cycling dreams. I want young cyclists to have the best possible training conditions. The financial and material support of our sponsors makes the work of the club easier and more affordable for the young cyclists and their parents. This year Pogi Team has two name sponsors – UAE and Generali. Thank you to all the club sponsors who invest in cycling’s youth and talent.

Miha Koncilija and Andrej Hauptman, first and current coach of Tadej Pogačar

7 coaches, 5 categories, Pogi Team cycling school, and a cyclocross world champion

So for a year and a half now, a beautiful story has been unfolding under the watchful eye of 7 coaches in the categories of boys A, B, C, and younger and older juniors, aged 10 to 18 years old. Before they get their licence (category boys C), the riders can try out in the Pogi Team cycling school (from 6 to 10 years old), which takes place twice a week at the police polygon in Tacen. The Pogi Team also has a world champion in cyclocross in the junior category and a Swiss junior mountain bike champion, Jan Christen, who wore the rainbow jersey in the USA this year. This young talent from Switzerland is already contracted to my UAE Team Emirates, so it looks like he will be my teammate next year.

Tadej and Jan Christen at the club training in January

Our Pogi Team moments

Once or twice a year, I take time to visit the club and hang out with the kids. We also share some sponsorship commitments, which is great because it’s not just me in the lead role anymore, but also the Pogi Team riders. So in May, we combined business with pleasure, first, we did a training session together, then we spent a few hours filming for the sponsor Tuš for a cool ad campaign that will air in July on all possible channels. Let me give you a hint, we also filled our stomachs during the filming;)) After the filming, the lenses and drones were waiting for us again, this time at the police polygon in Tacen, in the near vicinity of the club Rog. We had a group photo shoot with the Pogi Team. We got through the shoot quickly, and as everything was more or less ready, I took some extra time for autographs and selfies with the riders. It’s worth it for so many happy faces and smiles. I’m glad that I was able to spend some time with the Pogi Team, the coaches, besides my first coach Miha Koncillija, are Matej Merčun and Blaž Debevec, my two former teammates in Rog, the other guys are my age and great. There is no better feeling than to experience and feel the good atmosphere in the club, the enthusiasm to work, and to watch the young cycling dreamers.

The most important rule – have fun!

My advice to young cyclists is to enjoy and have fun in training, to be happy with themselves, to set a goal, to be motivated, to train hard and well, and to remember to rest and eat a nutritious diet. With effort and goodwill, you can go far. Together with Pogi Team, we share the slogan: Never give up and never give in!

Signature of Tadej Pogačar

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